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Corruption in our Government – is it out of control?

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Isuru Rajakaruna * 10 months ago

Keep in touch whatever happens , you should take neccessary actions to control & minimize the corruption . Before we stop we must minimize those. Any activity cannot stop in hurry.

Malith Wijesinghe * 10 months ago

As citizens it is us who should control ourselves, keep ourselves away from corruption and bribes. The day we as citizens stop corruption, that is the day we can force politicians to put an end to this. I personally have seen more than enough examp...

Chandana Kumara * 10 months ago

I disagree that corruption is out of control. To accept that is to accept the fact that the corruption is here to stay, which is NOT. The issue is multi-faceted, so should be the solutions. Also, short term and long term approaches should be taken si...

Sanjeeva jayawardena * 10 months ago

Corruption is closely associated with the overall level of economic development: The richer the country, the less corrupt it tends .Our future President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will take necessary actions to stop this...after 17th Nov

Thilina Kumarasinghe * 10 months ago

We average citizens must thrive to eliminate corruptions at all levels no matter how hard it is or what it costs.In doing so we must even thrive hard to make a choice yet Gota is well capable in handling those territories.So I vote him.and I will vot...

Tushani Vidurangi * 10 months ago

In my opinion, education is the sustainability of a country, and in my opinion, it is highly appreciated that it combines new technology with higher educational opportunities for all children. Sri Lankan education is highly valued by other countries...

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