Tell our politicians that they are ruining our economy!

Sri Lanka is heading towards an economical disaster – GDP growth has contracted all but completely, falling down to 4.1%; GDP per Capita has decreased from USD 1109 to USD 260; the cost of borrowings have increased from 4.2% to 5.8%; the rupee has depreciated from 17.5 rupees/USD to 35.6 rupees/USD and the total debt that our country has contracted has increased from Rs 7391 Bn to Rs 12.000 Bn. All of this in the 2015-2018 timeframe. 

Something must change, and it must change quickly! If not, all the projections show that Sri Lanka will not only fall into a recession, but it will take more than 15 years of work to get out of a mess that our current administration has put us into. We therefore ask our politicians to stop messing around with our economy and to start thinking about the future generations! If they cannot realize this, then someone else must put some sense back into them! Sign this if you agree with us and let’s do something about it before it’s too late! 


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