Tell the Sri Lankan political class that they must protect our minorities no matter the cost!

Sri Lanka as a nation has always been a melting pot of various religions and ethnicities ever since its conception. We not only embraced out multiculturalism, but we used it to our advantage, paving the way for a system that accepts everybody no matter their ethnic or religious background. Sri Lanka is a country for all, and this will never change despite the efforts some radical elements are putting into dividing us. 

We ask our politicians to protect our minorities no matter the cost! Our way of life will not waver in front of extremism that has no place in our country. Everybody should feel safe in Sri Lanka, and the individuals that want to break this system apart deserve nothing else except being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sign this if you agree with us and let’s send a clear message to our political class that we are not to be divided, no matter the costs! 


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