We are you! We are the 21st century Sri Lanka!

We are young at heart, and our hearts will change Sri Lanka! Where there was fear, we bring peace! Where there was hatred, we bring love! Where there was despair, we bring hope!

We are here because Sri Lanka desperately needs a change! We are here because together we can make this change!

The time has come for all of us to live in a better Sri Lanka, where everyone can live a dignified life, where jobs and opportunities stem from unleashing our creativity, where digital economy flourishes, where we are safe from terror!

This is why we support Gotabaya Rajapaksa for President! Gota is a visionary who feels like us, thinks like us and fights for us! He is the leader we need to bring Sri Lanka into the 21st Century! He is the one able to unlock our energies! He is bringing all of us together, ready to build a safe future for all!

The time is now! Let’s change Sri Lanka together! Let’s support Gota!

Join us and become a voice of change!