How to win Points


We like to inform you that monitors the most of your actions done on the website and rewards your efforts with points. Moreover, periodically the most active members of our community will be rewarded with different surprise prizes like invitations to exclusive events or special gratefulness messages.

The following actions done on website will be rewarded as following:

1. Registration: 20 points

You will receive points for registration on our website.

2. Daily login: 10 points

You will receive points for one login per day.

3. Special sharing success: 5 points + 15 points

Points are granted for sharing a “Shareable” article in Quick actions section.

Shareable articles published in “Quick actions” section have a special status, because they promote very important messages of our cause. You will receive points for sharing this type of article as following:

• When you initiate the share of a “Shareable” article, you will receive 5 points. You will be rewarded separately for initiation of sharing action on each social media channel. 

• When first person clicks on your shared link, we consider it a guarantee of the successful sharing action and you will be rewarder again with points. The rewarded for successful sharing is 15 points, only for first click received from each social media channel where the article was shared.

4. Common sharing action: 10 points

Points are granted for sharing one time any article of the platform. “Shareable” articles will have a special status and their share will be rewarded with a higher number of points compared with the sharing of other articles of the website, which are called here “common articles”.

5. Signing a Petition: 10 points

A petition in “Quick actions” section can be signed one time by a user.

6. Writing comments: 5 points

Points will be granted for each approved and published comment in a “Read and comment” article in “Quick actions” section.

7. Completing polls: 5 points

You will receive points one time for each completed poll in “Quick actions” section.

8. Publish messages in Topics: 20 points / each topic’s message

Points are granted for each written and approved message item in any discussion topic.

Votes received by own messages published in topics: 3 points per vote

You will gain points for each new vote received by your own messages. Any registered user can vote for a message in Topics’ section only one time.